10 Amazing ways to use candles at your wedding

Reception: Floating candles are gorgeous: tall vases filled with water and glitter are perfect for floating flickering tealights on of.

Outdoor evening ceremony : suspended candle filled lanterns form trees to add an air of ethereal pretty to your celebration.

Break up your tabletops– Follow in the lead by using tall, slim candles to add some height t your tables and break up an otherwise flat display.

Just our cup of tea– make your own candles, armed only with an assortment of second hand crockery.

Suspended lights: use terrariums to create a striking mid-air display of light.

Mix and match lights– contrast high and low by using non-matching sticks and holders for your candles-effective and oh so simple.

Transform a plant-pot into a candle holder– flower filled decoration by day flicking tea light by night!  Once the evening turns dusky, task your bridal party or ushers with whipping out blooms and popping simply candles in their place.

Line your aisles: how gorgeous is this, line your aisles with a procession of lanterns.

Bottled up: collect bottles and spray with metallic paint for striking, no fuss candle holders.

Mirror magic: First things first, arranging candles in front of mirrors and reflective surfaces will add extra depth to your venue space.