We are delighted to help you plan and organize the many important details that will make up your wedding. Start with the timeline below and let every step brings even more excitement to the most special day of your life.

12 Months to 9 Months Before:

  • Set a budget for your wedding day and establish priorities.
  • Choose a venue for your wedding.
  • Determine potential dates and times for your wedding.
  • Decide on the size, formality and setting of your wedding.
  • Hire a wedding planner for your wedding.

9 Months to 6 Months Before:

  • Order your wedding dress and veil.
  • Choose your wedding rings.
  • Plan your honeymoon.
  • Draw up an initial guest list.
  • Send Save-The-Date.
  • Research accommodation for out-of-town guest.
  • Begin any beauty and/or fitness regimen if desired. Check your skin and hair health.

6 Months to 3 Months Before:

  • Book your photographer and videographer.
  • Book your florist.
  • Book your make-up and hair stylist.
  • Choose your wedding Cake.
  • Reserve any rental items from the rental company.
  • Book your live entertainment, Zaffa and DJ.
  • Register your gift choices at your favorite stores.
  • Order your invitation cards.

3 Months Before:

  • Decide on your menu.
  • Finalize your guests list.
  • Reserve your limousine service.
  • Order wedding favors.
  • Do your pre-wedding photos shoot.

2 Months Before:

  • Sign up for dance lessons.
  • Purchase any special lingerie your dress requires.
  • Finalize your order with the florist.
  • Finalize the menus and go for food tasting.
  • Do Make-up and hair trial.
  • Check the final live demonstration for tables, linens, flowers and centerpieces with your planner.

1 Month Before:

  • Work on a list of “must play” and “do-not-play” songs.
  • Prepare pictures for your slide show is desired.
  • Meet the photographer and videographer.
  • Purchase something pretty to wear (nice robe/dress) for getting ready.
  • Have a final dress fitting with shoes, accessories, lingerie and veil.
  • Re-confirm your honeymoon trip.
  • Groom to buy his tuxedo.

3 Weeks Before:

  • Confirm the wedding details with your planner.
  • Finalize seating plan.
  • Have a relaxing bridal spa.
  • Call any guest who has not replied.

2 Weeks Before:

  • Get your Gown delivered.
  • Have a final facial or any other treatment.
  • Update your caterer about the final guest list.
  • Review all the details with your planner and suppliers.
  • Have a rehearsal for the Zaffa.
  • Have the programs printed.

1 Week Before:

  • Confirm all final payment balance with your planner.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Gather all items needed for the day.

1 Day Before:

  • Confirm and review all details with your planner.
  • Do a rehearsal for your first dance.
  • Pull together Gown, veil, shoes and emergency kit.
  • Go to bed early.

Your Wedding Day:

Let go, relax and enjoy yourselves! Take a moment to step back and enjoy a quiet moment with your spouse.

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