Ideas to keep children busy during weddings


  1. Get Them Involved

Giving children a role during the wedding will make them feel special and included. They will not only look forward to the big day, but will also ensure they are on their best behavior. Examples include, handing out Order of Service cards, walking in (before the bride) carrying a sign, directing guests to their seats, being a flower girl, bridesmaid, page boy or ring bearer. You could get them gifts as a thank you and appreciation for their role, and for being on their best behavior.

  1. Outdoor and Indoor Games

Including fun games will ensure a great time for both adults and children alike. There are so many to choose from and these do not need to be expensive. There are many giant versions of games we all love to play such as connect four, snakes and ladders and chess. You could make your own versions as well and incorporate a wedding theme of games like toss the ring over the bottle, hook the duck and hit the piñata. These could easily be set up outdoors or indoors. Add a bubble machine to add to the excitement.

  1. Arts And Crafts

You could have an arts and crafts area to keep children busy and entertained. Crafts set up with a wedding theme could include coloring in wedding themed pictures, making a card for the bride and groom, and decorating wedding cupcakes. You could also hire child-minders to watch the children whilst the parents enjoy adult company.

  1. Hiring Entertainment

Nowadays there are tremendous amounts of options for hiring entertainment. A kid’s entertainer will provide the children with games and you could add on additions such as magic tricks, face painting, balloon making and a bouncy castle ensuring that they’re having a great time.

Additionally, you could have a photo booth where children would get to dress up and play with the props, plus the photo could be given as a gift to your guests.

  1. Have A Child Friendly Menu

There should be menu options that are child friendly, preferably with little or no spice, salt or sugar.

This can be incorporated into your menu so that the dishes are brought out together. Other ideas include having a separate children’s food buffet, or children’s food boxes; examples include pizza, chicken/vegetable nuggets, chips, sandwiches and noodles.

Children will love a fruit, sweet or chocolate fountain table. During speeches and toasts you could give the children cookies and milk to toast with.

  1. Seating

At times you may still require children to settle down and be a bit quieter (during ceremonies and speeches), you may therefore wish to seat parents with children closer to the exits; allowing parents to dash out if needed. If the venue does not have high chairs you may need to hire these or inform guests should they need to bring their own.

Have you been to a wedding recently where there have been fun ways to keep children entertained? If yes, we would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Written by:

Rania, an expact wedding planner based in Dubai. She runs The Day Events, one of the best wedding companies in Dubai. She caters for wedding proposals, Dubai luxury wedding, and best wedding decorator in Dubai.