Create a Wedding only email address

Congratulation! You are engaged and excited. You start to email the venues you have your eye on and florists, planners and photographers etc.. The list goes on. Before you know it, you email account is filled with emails and enquires you have made and you start to feel overwhelmed and can’t find some emails and important contracts. Don’t stress! There is a simple solution. Trust me; this will help keep your sanity throughout the planning process.

Create a wedding Email account.

What is a Wedding Email Account you ask? It’s simply a new email account you create that you and your fiancé can both access. An example can be mariamandjames@gmail.com  or alsaddwedding@gmail.com  depending on what names are available. Feel free to get creative!  This email will be used for all your wedding enquires and electronic communications. Gmail is a great idea way to use. You can also take the advantage of Google Docs. Basically, all details, contracts, schedules, photos land in one mailbox freeing your personal email account for normal use. Its simple step in your planning process but such a time saver and headache reliever.

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Rania, an expact wedding planner based in Dubai. She runs The Day Events, one of the best wedding companies in Dubai. She caters for wedding proposals, Dubai luxury wedding, and best wedding decorator in Dubai.