The Dos and Don’ts of Pre-Wedding Photography

As simple and effortless as they look, pre-wedding shoots are not that simple. There are a few things that you need to consider and pay attention to before the shoot even takes place. Study these dos and don’ts carefully to help you prepare the perfect shoot.

Do: your research

First and foremost, the most important step of all is to do your research. On what? On everything related to the shoot – like location, wardrobe, and especially your photographer and concept. First is the concept. Make sure that you’ve decided on a concept and theme. See some samples of pre-wedding pictures and take note of the concepts you like, then determine the one you want for your own shoot. After choosing a concept, decide on a photographer. Find the photographer whose style and budget range suits yours and, most importantly, is capable of delivering the concept you’ve chosen. Make sure you choose the right person for the job.

Don’t: go with an extremely different look

Don’t let adrenaline rush drive you to make impulsive decisions regarding your looks, like having a sudden change with your hairstyle, hair color, or facial hair grooming. In your pictures, of course you want to look like no one else but you. These extreme decisions will make you look not quite like yourself in the pictures and you surely wouldn’t want that.

Don’t: forget about your partner’s wishes

This is what brides tend to forget. You’re not the only one posing in the shoot; your partner is there with you. Make sure that your man is comfortable with the shoot and its whole concept and idea, as not everyone is comfortable having his pictures taken in such a fancy manner. Nothing is worse than a grumpy groom; imagine him refusing to pose and looking sour in every frame. You wouldn’t want that. Always ask for his approval and if there’s ever a concern, talk about it to reach a compromise.

Do: pick a suitable time for the shoot

Talking about time, there are two things you need to consider. The shoot itself has to be done at the right time, not too close to and not too far off from the wedding day. As the photographer will need time to edit the pictures, don’t do it too close to the wedding. On the other hand, don’t do the shoot too far off from the wedding date so your guests will also feel the excitement leading up to your wedding day.

On the day of your shoot, pick the perfect time of the day to do the shoot. You should always consult your photographer, especially if you’re having an outdoor shoot. He or she will know what time frame produces the perfect light for your shoot, as it will determine the vibe and feel of the pictures. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the weather and prepare accordingly.

Don’t: disregard simple health and beauty tricks

Trust us, disregarding simple health and beauty tips will greatly affect how you look on your shooting day. Don’t skip meals before and on the shooting day as engagement shoots require energy. You will need to supply yourself with food rather than starve yourself to look skinnier. The same applies to your water intake. Some brides avoid drinking too much water, worrying that she will look bloated. On the contrary, lack of water intake will affect your body and face’s freshness, making you look dull and unhealthy. Also, don’t go to sleep too late the night before so you can wake up on time with a beautiful glow.

Another tip is to be yourself. “That’s the easiest thing you can do. Don’t be someone you’re not as it will look unnatural.’

Rania Anklis- certified Dubai wedding planner – The Day Events. Dubai weddings