Hiring a Wedding Planner

Hiring a Wedding Planner        

Here is every Bride’s question: “Do I have to hire a wedding planner?”

Even though you may think that hiring a planner is an added cost, in the long run, they often end up saving you money. There is no doubt about it that the right wedding planner can definitely save you time and stress (priceless!).

Often times, a bride’s vision of her big day is vague, she is unsure about the wedding theme, the venue, the flowers, and the cake. In this event, a wedding planner’s role kicks in to guide the bride and groom to achieve their ultimate ideas for their unforgettable day.

A planner provides the best tips and advice. She/he knows the suppliers very well, and can follow up on the smallest details. Remember, this is her/his bread and butter!

How to choose the right planner?

Listen to your instincts, if an interview doesn’t feel right, then maybe that planner just isn’t a good fit for you. Your wedding planner is the vendor you’ll be spending the most time with, therefore it’s important to pick a planner who’s compatible with you and your fiancé.

  1. Ask the planner if she/he is certified, qualified, and experienced.
  1. Check the planner’s portfolio or any previous wedding videos.
  1. Do you feel comfortable with the services she/he offers and the way she/he presents it?
  1. Can she/he work within your budget


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