New Idea for your Guest Book

Want to ask your guests to do something a little for your guestbook? Get them to share some of their wisdom!

If you’ve bought a plain guestbook for your wedding reception, you might be wondering what you can do to make it a little more interesting. Well-meant wishes are great, of course, but why not ask your guests to do something a little different in order to avoid page-after-page of ‘congratulations and thanks for inviting us’?

Prompt-style questions are perfect for getting your guests to write something a little different. If you’re stumped for question ideas, we’ve rounded up some good’s below – simply write a different question at the top of each page and make it clear that you want guests to leave their names at the end of their comment(s). Provide a rainbow of colored pens and see what happens!


#1 How should we celebrate our first wedding anniversary?

#2 What’s your top piece of advice for resolving an argument?

#3 What’s the secret to a happy marriage?

#4 What’s your favorite moment of as individuals and/or as a couple?

#5 Describe us in 10 words or less.

#6 If you could give us one piece of relationship advice – what would it be and why?

#7 Suggest a fun date idea for the next time we have a quiet afternoon/evening. (You could follow the lead of Nicki and Rob by asking guests to put their ideas into a jar and then choosing one lucky-dip-style each time you want inspiration!)

#8 If you could recommend one holiday destination to us: where and why?

#9 What’s been your favorite part of our wedding day?

#10 Where do you predict we’ll be in 20 years’ time? (In terms of anything: career/location/family/etc)


#1 Draw us.

#2 Draw your favourite moment of our wedding day.

#3 Draw our dream house.

#4 Draw someone new you met at our reception today.

#5 Draw one hope you have for us.