Planning your Wedding During the Festive Season

Dear Bride,

To be, we are writing to you today to talk about some important facts about having a wedding around the same time as a holiday. This holiday might be Christmas, New Year, Easter, Eid Al Fitr/Al Adha, the UAE’s National Day or any other important event. It is a tricky situation for many reasons and wedding planning has to be done while taking into consideration every aspect of the holiday season. But, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of wedding advice for any bride whose wedding falls around the same time as a holiday so your big day is consistent with everything you have ever imagined. So, let’s begin.

  1. Wedding planners will use one key word for such weddings: notification. It is very important to notify your guests well in advance of the date of your wedding so they can make arrangements accordingly and commit to the event in advance. The festive season often means that people travel to celebrate back home and with their families; so you want to make sure they consider your wedding in their travel plans.
  1. Another very important key word for weddings planned around the festive season is: acceptance. Your wedding organizer will most definitely tell you that you need to accept that a significant number of guests will probably not attend your wedding during the season. You need to be accepting of the fact that the holiday season means commitments to family obligations. Therefore, you must be prepared to receive declines in attendance. This understanding of prior commitments will definitely make it easier for you to accept.
  1. While many might not attend, expect to have an increase in the number of plus ones. Again, your guests will want to spend the holiday season with their loved ones. This means that they might ask you if they can bring them along to your big day. In this case, you must have an answer prepared well in advance to avoid any unnecessary scenes.
  1. An event planner will always warn you to plan way in advance, especially when it comes to the venue and the vendors. After all, the holiday season is synonymous to parties, dinner events and celebrations, which means that all the vendors will be preoccupied if you do not commit to them in advance. This wedding tip is very important to bear in mind: sit down with your wedding consultant, draft a list of venues and potential vendors, meet with each and make a decision as soon as possible.
  1. Another handy tip for weddings in the festive season: celebrate the holiday! We are not saying have a Christmas Party with a Christmas tree and turkey on the buffet; but it is important to have a few Christmas touches at your event. It can really make a difference for your guests. There are many festive-like wedding ideas; just discuss them with your wedding designer.
  1. A final tip we would like to share is to always have an emergency plan. For example, if you are having a Lebanese wedding during the Christmas season, you have to consider rain, snow and other factors that may prevent your guests from reaching the venue. If on the big day, the weather conditions are bad, you may need to plan again. If you are having a New Year Dubai wedding, you have to consider that some roads around the downtown area will shut down.

Sit down with your wedding consultant and write down all the possible consequences of having your wedding around the festive season, and plan around them. That is the best tip we can give you. However, don’t be discouraged, take it as an opportunity to have your guests celebrate your big day and the big holiday!


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