Say No To Smoking Wedding

What to do and how to behave when you have smoker guests in your wedding

Talk to Venues and Vendors

Before you start to worry, you should call your venue (or, if you haven’t yet chosen one, your venue candidates) to inquire about their regulations on smoking. Most established wedding venues already have smoking areas set up for nicotine-dependent guests, so if you are planning your wedding in a ballroom or event space, you will not need to make any special arrangements for smokers attending your affair.

While you are at it, you might also want to contact your vendors to learn about their smoking regulations. Most caterers prefer to set up food as far from the smoking section as possible, and some linen rental companies might not want smoke around their tablecloths and chair covers. You don’t want nasty smells, stains, or holes to add extra fees to your (already high) wedding expenses.

Inform Smokers on Invitations

You might want to avoid the harsh smell of cigarette smoke for the entirety of your wedding — and most guests wouldn’t blame you. However, if you want your event to be a smoke-free affair, you must warn any invited smokers well in advance. Smokers can handle extended periods without cigarettes much better when they are forewarned; most have a number of subtle tactics to get their nicotine fix without offending non-smokers.

You might encourage them to bring along inexpensive smokeless e-cigarettes, which discreetly produce sweet-smelling vapor. The no-smoking notice doesn’t have to intrude on your invitation design; you can sneak it in on a separate card after mentioning the registry or providing directions to the reception.

Do NOT Set Up a Designated Area

If your venue doesn’t provide a smoking section already — and you don’t mind smokers lighting up at your event — you should create a separate space for them to enjoy their nicotine products. While you don’t have to spend nearly as much time designing the smoking area as you do arranging the seating chart, you should still attempt to make your smoking guests comfortable. Providing lighting and seating is a simple way to show you care; adding decor prevents the smokers from feeling as though they have left the party. Whatever you do, you must provide a safe place for your smoking guests to ash and deposit dead cigarette butts, or your wedding could go up in smoke.

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