Tips for feeling comfortable infront of the camera

#1 Hire a photographer who you have good rapport with

After all: if you don’t get on well with your photographer, how can you expect to feel comfortable in front of their camera?

#2 Getting your hair and make-up done professionally…

…But make sure it’s your ‘style’! You want to look like the best possible version of yourself, after all. Trials for your hair and make-up are both essential for guaranteeing you feel comfortable and non-cakey on your wedding day; also, make sure you have a pocket mirror available so you can check before the photographing begins that your lipstick is in place and there are no mascara smudges spoiling your contour…

#3 Practice your poses in advance

Of course, don’t over-think it. But if you’re not used to holding a prop (we’re looking at you, bouquet) or wearing a super-structured wedding gown, make sure you have a run-through of poses that work for you.

#4 Similarly, practice smiling (no – really)

No matter how happy you are on your wedding day, smiling to-command can be tricky. Try ‘smizing’ (the technique coined by supermodel Tyra Banks); also, choose a couple of memories that always make you smile that you can easily summon on the big day. There’s nothing worse, or more visible, than a smile that doesn’t quite reach the eyes.

#5 Make sure you allocate enough time for your pictures!

You don’t want to have to rush through them to make it to the wedding breakfast in time. Do your research in advance: pick stunning stand-out locations at your venue for your pictures and have plans for both indoor and outdoor pics just in case the weather is terrible on the big day.

#6 Avoid drinking too much before your wedding photos

One glass of getting-ready champagne = fine. Three shots of Tequila to steady your nerves = not so much. The last thing you want to do is look slightly drunk (hello, watery eyes), or feel queasy in front of the camera…

#7 Consider your posture

Stand up straight, ladies! Good posture is an instant way to look fabulous on your wedding day – holding your shoulders back can truly work wonders. Two other quick tricks that can subtly alter your appearance: lift your chin a fraction to make your neck look longer, and avoid holding your arms close to your body to make them look slimmer.