Things To Do Before You Walk Down The Aisle

#1 Take a deep breath

As you breathe in and out, count down from ten: this is wonderfully grounding and will also help you feel calmer.

#2 Look up

This will help keep any tears under control – if you’re an emotional kind of girl (we hear you), chances are you’ll be feeling on the verge of tears as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Looking up will help to steady this.

#3 Have a sip of water and clear your throat

If you’re feeling nervous, your throat might feel dry or scratchy – so a drink before you head down the aisle will reduce your risk of croaking mid-vows.

#4 Get comfortable

Have a final check in the mirror, grab your bouquet and link arms with whoever’s walking you down the aisle. Take another deep breath and start walking – let’s do this!