What is the mood board,and how to choose it?

If you are dealing with a wedding planner, direct vendor, or you are planning your own wedding, you should create a mood board for your wedding or event.

A mood board is an inspiration board for your wedding. You put all your wedding ideas together to build your wedding theme. First, you put all your inspired pictures ( such as colors ), then you save all these pictures to put them all together to create a mood board.

The day weddings and eventsYou can start with the colors you like or prefer more, then you start choosing the flowers arrangements, the centerpieces, the decorated items. You can go more into details and choose the stationary, the furniture and table linen.
The mood board can give you a better idea about all the main things up to the details. For example , choosing a yellow color may means different yellow for someone else ( see the chart) .
You can find also a sample mood board below to have a better idea.
Our advice, always ask your planner to provide you with 2 or 3 different mood boards in order to take the right decision.
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