How to Choose Your Flower Bouquet

A bridal bouquet is not simply a set of flowers. It is the accessory that is going to accompany and compliment your wedding dress, and a decorative piece that will appear in each wedding photograph. An event planner will always tell you to pay special attention to your bouquet because, if chosen correctly, it can create the perfect ensemble and a truly gorgeous bride-to-be.

It may seem complicated to choose flowers for a bouquet: you have to think of the appropriate colors, the comfort of carrying it, the size, the flower type and the overall match with your wedding gown. At The Day Weddings & Events, we understand that it can be difficult to make the right decisions about flowers. However, we came up with some wedding advice to help make your look perfect for your big day. After you choose your wedding dress, there are a few things to keep in mind for the bouquet. A good way to make these easy to remember is to call them the five S’s for choosing the perfect wedding bouquet!

  • Size and Shape: The bouquet is meant to compliment your dress and not take the attention from it. So, if you have selected a dress with very unique details, avoid choosing a bouquet that is too large as it might obscure your gown. A wedding planner will give you the following tip: make sure your flower set is smaller than your waist so that it does not take the attention away from you and your dress.
  • Season: Keep in mind that some flowers are available only during some seasons of the year. With your florist, you should decide which flowers you want from those available. Another important wedding tip is that each flower has a special meaning. For example, orchids signify strength, elegance and beauty while white lilies symbolize piety.
  • Shade: The bouquet has to match your dress. So, if your gown has a special shade of white, you need to bring a photo of it or a piece of its material to your florist or wedding consultant so they can show you options of the same color.
  • Simplicity: Another piece of advice with regards to flower bouquet is to keep it simple. After all, you should be the center of attention and the flower bouquet is simply an accessory to make everything look elegant and classy.
  • Special Desire: The most important tip a wedding organizer will give you is to choose the flowers that speak to your heart’s special desire. If you have a preferred color or a favorite flower type, choose that one for your bouquet. It should reflect your personal style and tastes as well as complement your overall look. Don’t be afraid to make your bouquet personal.

With these simple tips, wedding planning is made much easier. Whether you are having an Emirati wedding, Khaleji wedding or a Lebanese wedding, remember to keep the five S’s in mind when choosing your bouquet: size, season, shade and simplicity.

And if you are still out of floral inspiration, here are a few flower ensemble options created by Fairmont with their personalities, their advantages and the celebrities who wore them to help you make the perfect choice.

Stay tuned with our blog for more wedding inspiration and wedding idea that will make your day easier to plan and even more beautiful to live.