Choosing the Wedding Menu  

Another very important part of your big day is the food menu. Indeed, it is what your guests will be eating at your party, but it is so much more than that. It also communicates a whole lot about your wedding. That is why you need to give it time, effort and consideration. The menu has to match your wedding style; it should also suit everybody’s tastes and include some of your favorite dishes and treats. This blog will give a general overview of some of the main questions to ask when creating your menu: here is the how-to of the wedding menu!

1) Are you bringing your own chef, or hiring the in-house chef of the venue?

If you are bringing your own chef to a venue, you may have to ask for special permission from the venue’s management. But, if you are going with an in-house chef of the venue, you should make sure that the food served is of high quality and meet your expectations. For any of the two options, you should start planning early on. Our wedding consultant recommends that you start crafting the wedding menu at the same time as you start selecting your venue.

2) How many people are attending the event?

If your wedding’s guest list consists of a few attendees, it is appropriate to have a small, formal, concise menu that has a few, delicious dishes. On the other hand, if your guest list is large, a buffet is worth considering. It is important to add that your menu choice can impact your guest list. If your aim is to impress your guests with the menu, it is wise to limit your guest list to be more cost-effective.

3) Are there any dietary or allergy restrictions to consider?

Nowadays, many follow gluten-free, yeast-free, vegetarian, or vegan diets. It is useful to know how many of your guests do so in order to add dishes that satisfy these diets. More importantly, you must know if any of your attendees have food allergies to prevent serious health hazards to happen on your big day.

4) What catering style am I going for?

If the meal is the top priority of your event, then our wedding planner suggests that you settle for a tasty, gourmet menu that will satisfy the guest’s taste buds. But, if there will be dancing at the event, you may want to go for something lighter (pass-arounds or little bites) to stop them from feeling heavy and drowsy. Additionally, if you are aiming to have an interactive and fun event, then you may choose to add live cooking stations or a custom cocktail bar.

5) How can I satisfy most taste buds?

Well, after considering all dietary restrictions, the best thing you can do is diversify. At the base, you should have sections for fish, poultry, meat and vegetables. Then, aim to serve something salty, savory, spicy, bitter as well as sweet. For example, if you have a live pasta station, don’t forget to include a less spicy version of the Arabiatta sauce. Or, if you have a crepe station, make sure you serve both sweet and salty fillings.

6) How can I add creativity and personalisation?

To be creative, we recommend that you do it in your serving style because these are the little details that will be remembered. For example, if you are serving pumpkin soup, serve it in an actual pumpkin instead of a bowl. Or, if you are serving a shrimp cocktail, you can attach the shrimp to the top of the cup, and leave the sauce inside it. There are many ways to be creative. You can also personalize your menu by adding some dishes that are special to you and your husband to be. Let’s say you both shared a plate of red sauce spaghetti on your first date (and got some all over your face!), don’t hesitate to add that on your menu to share your story with your guests.

The above questions are very important to ask when the time comes to create the menu for your wedding. Don’t forget to start early and always seek tips from your wedding planner if you are ever in doubt. We are happy to help you.