How to cut your wedding cake

Step 1: If you have hired a planner they will give you a heads up when you should cut the cake. If you are sans planner your catering manager will let you know, or possibly your DJ or photographer depending on who has shouldered the time management responsibilities for the day. Your photographer will give you directions where to stand for the best lighting. You’ll want to stand where you can both hold the cake knife to cut into the bottom tier, but still both be in the frame for the picture. And just like your first kiss, don’t rush it! Give your photographer time to catch the moment.

Step 2: check with your caterer if the cake is real or dummy. And if dummy, which tier is the real to cut.

Step 3: Both the bride & groom cut a small triangular piece from the real tier together and place it on your plate. This is your last moment to establish a truce before you open up for your new spouse to feed you cake… or to plan your attack.

Step 4: Cut into bite-size pieces and then feed each other the pieces. Most brides have spent lots of time (and money) on hair and makeup, not to mention their dress, so smashing it on their face is not cool. And ladies remember that men are competitive spirits and will put frosting on your face if you smear some on his.

Step 5: Don’t forget to ask your DJ or planner to make an announcement for the cake cutting as you don’t want guest not to be around.

Step6: Choose a song and inform your DJ and planner about for the cake cutting.

It seems so simple, but cutting your wedding cake is something that you never really think about with all the wedding planning hoopla! But when it’s time to cut the cake and someone hands you the cake knife, you suddenly realize that you’re clueless about what to do!