Let’s Talk Wedding Stationary

Today’s blog is all about helping you, the bride to be, make the right decisions regarding wedding stationary! It is a key part of wedding planning and definitely deserves time and effort: it is the first contact point with the guests. To make this easy for you, we have created a set of three questions for you to answer, that are very important to ask when dealing with this aspect of the event.

The first one is: what are my exact stationary needs? Any wedding planner will recommend that you first decide the style, color, content, and word choice. When it comes to style, you have to determine what your wedding style is. If you are going for an elegant event, then your cards should communicate the same; if you are going for something more glamorous, your stationary should also reflect this. You may also want to consider the season of your wedding so you can incorporate some of these designs onto your invitations. When deciding on color, we recommend you select something legible: if the background is a light color, then the text should be in a darker color in order for it to be easy to read. Contrast is key!

Next, consider word choice. Make sure you use words that are easy to understand and not to overcrowd the invite. Simply add the important information such as the date, time and venue of the event, as well as the full name of the parents, bride and groom and the RSVP cutout date.  Also, think about what kind of stationary you need: do you only need invitation cards, or do you also need thank you cards, menus, table numbers and name cards? Finally, we always suggest you order more than what you need: you never know how many guests will attend until the very last moment.

The second wedding tip we can give you is to ask yourself the following question: by when do I need to start planning the wedding stationary? The answer is three months before the event day, or as soon as your guest list is ready and finalized. That’s when you should start researching possible suppliers and estimate the total costs of the entire process. When that has been finalized, our wedding consultant recommends that you start sending out the official invites. For local guests, this should be done 6 weeks before the big day; for international guests, this should be done 10 weeks before. This is to make sure that they all receive the cards enough in advance to send back their RSVPs!

The final, pressing question to ask is: how should I send the wedding stationary? Our wedding organizer recommends you do so by courier, simply because this is the most reliable and classy method to adopt. This brings us back to the importance of starting early: it does take some time for you to collect everyone’s address and for the courier to arrive on time. Don’t leave this until the end.

With these three questions in mind (what, when, how), you can be sure that your wedding stationary will look exactly as you imagined it for your big day. After all, they are the perfect complement to your wedding’s style and theme so you must be careful in your decision making. If faced with any doubt, our wedding planner will be more than happy to help you!