Tricks for keeping your wedding veil in Place

#1 Plan ahead

Bring your veil with you to your hair trial. This way your stylist can demonstrate which styles will work best with your style of veil, as well as show you how she/he will keep it securely in place on the big day.

Similarly, if you’re planning to style your hair yourself, make sure you have a trial-run with your veil so you can test how/where it will sit, as well as work out how likely it is to slip or fall.

#2 Put it on at the right moment

Avoid putting it on as soon as you’re wearing your gown. Rather, ask your hair stylist or most trusted bridesmaid to help you put it on when you’re about to exit your getting-ready area for the ceremony. Make sure you have spare bobby pins easily accessible; if it starts to slip at any point during the ceremony, use these to clip it back into place.

Equally, if you’re arriving at your venue in a car, you might want to avoid putting your veil on until you’re inside.

#3 Invest in the perfect finishing touches

If you’re worried about your veil going fly-away in the breeze, invest in veil weights. These clever little gems – which often come in pretty pearly or diamante finishes – simply attach to the hem of your veil, keeping it perfectly in place no matter how strong the gust. If you’re wearing a knee-skimming bridal gown, you can also consider using similar weights to keep your skirt in place; apparently, Queen Elizabeth swears by them.

Finally! Consider taking it off ahead of the evening reception

If you’re planning to spend most of the evening on the dancefloor, you might want to remove your veil entirely. Don’t just put it down on the top table and forget about it; rather, ask someone in your bridal party to store it away safely, or, if you’re staying overnight at your venue, whisk it up to your bedroom.